Razorcake Podcast #174: With Samantha Beerhouse

Aug 26, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #174: With Samantha Beerhouse

This being my first podcast with the awesome people of Razorcake, I didn’t want to get too fancy on themes or motifs in the playlist (mostly because I’m lazy). Rather I shoved together a bunch of really catchy songs that have that taken up permanent residence in my brainpan. Pretty much all these records came out in the last two years, so if you like the song, buy the whole damn record, ya freeloader.

-Samantha Beerhouse

Crusaders of Love, “Braving Hell” (Never Grow Up LP, Douchemaster)
The Black & Whites, “Just Don’t Care” (Self-titledLP, Douchemaster)
Shang-A-Lang, “New Year” (Sad Magic LP, Fast Crowd)
Future Virgins, “Ruin Me” (Western Problems LP, Plan-It-X-South/Starcleaner)
Davila 666, “Pingorocha Y La Diva Rockera” (Self-titled7”, Douchemaster)
Arrivals, “Simple Pleasures in America” (Volatile Molotov LP, Recess)
Wax Museums, “Safety In Numbers” (Self-titledLP, Douchemaster)
Marked Men, “Get To You” (Ghosts LP, Dirtnap)
Tranzmitors, “We Are Alone With You” (Self-titled7”, Seeing Eye)
Hex Dispensers, “My Love Is A Bat” (Winchester Mystery House LP, Douchemaster)
Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels, “A Song Without Hope and the Lack Thereof” (Dan Padilla Split 7”, Fast Crowd)
Dear Landlord, “I’m Not Sayin’ Get ‘Er Done, But Don’t Just Stand There” (Chinese Telephones split 7”, It’s Alive/Recess)
Sass Dragons, “Bong Rip in E Minor” (Bonkaroo! LP, Johann’s Face/No Breaks)
Mean Jeans, “Tears in My Beers” (Self-titled7”, Trouble In Mind)
Strait A’s, “Not A Love Song” (Pretty Boy Thorson split 7”, Kiss of Death)
VacationBibleSchool, “You + Me = Shit” (Half-assed Chicago LP, Johann’s Face)
God Damn Doo Wop Band, “I’ll Always Be Your Girl” (Self-titled7”, Self-released)
White Wires, “Stayed Up Late” (Self-titledLP, Douchemaster)