Razorcake Podcast #172: With Todd Congelliere, Todd Taylor, and Daryl Gussin

Aug 11, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #172: With Todd Congelliere, Todd Taylor, and Daryl Gussin

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If it’s not obvious by now, I’ll be explicit. It’s a struggle for Razorcake to celebrate milestones, to pomp up ceremony. It’s not that I’m not proud of Razorcake. I am. But I put my celebrations in every single thing we do. Daily, little celebrations of thanks.

If you’re a math wizard and realize Razorcake puts out an issue every two months (six a year: more math) and we started in January 2001, our ten year would “officially” be at around issue sixty. This past Jan./Feb. of 2011.

I don’t wear a watch. I don’t believe in honky bullshit strict celebration timeclocks.

Almost a decade ago, I helped book The Arrivals a show in L.A. The show was a showcase—of how horrible, frustrating, hostile, and ambivalent shows can be in L.A. The Arrivals were amazing, and I silently vowed I’d make it up to them one day.

“Isaac, tell me when the band can play in L.A. If you could make it a Friday or Saturday, that’d help.” Arrivals locked in. Four days later, after brief emails titled “Long shot…” the Young Offenders from San Francisco, Hex Dispensers from Austin, and Toys That Kill locked into the 10 Year Anniversary show. It made me feel like a fuckin’ debutante.

The icing on the cake is we got Todd “Chandelier” Congelliere of Toys That Kill, Recess Records—but more importantly good friend and awesome dude—to come over and goof off for this very special 10 Year Anniversary podcast.

If you don’t like this one, you probably won’t like any of the hundreds of others we’ve posted.

-Todd Taylor

Dillinger Four, “New Punk Fashions for the Spring Formal” (Situationist Comedy LP, Fat)
Young Offenders, “Saints” (Deranged)
Hex Dispensers, “My Love is a Bat” (Winchester Mystery House LP, Douchemaster)
Arrivals, “I’m Sorry” (Marvels of Industry LP, Recess)
Toys That Kill, “Angels w/Dirty Contracts” (Fleshies split 7”, Geykido Comet)
Gateway District, “Lake St. Is for Suckers” (Some Days You Get the Thunder LP, It’s Alive)
Bar Feeders, “We Can Sleep…” (Pour for Four, Por Favor LP, ADD)
Closet Fairies, “Posi-Summer Song” (Party Garbage split 7”, Kiss Of Death)
The Pinkz, “Something About You” (Something About You 7”, Gearhead)
Audacity, “Twilight Zone” (Power Drowning LP, Recess/Burger)
Bananas, “Nautical Theme” (Nautical Rock’n’roll LP, Vida Loca)
Bent Outta Shape, “Rudes and Cheaps” (Stray Dog Town LP, Recess/Tapes)
Shannon & the Clams, “Troublemaker” (I Wanna Go Home LP, 1-2-3-4 Go!)
Future Virgins, “Easiest Years” (Easiest Years 7”, P-I-X South)
Built To Spill, “Goin’ Against Your Mind” (You In Reverse LP)