Razorcake Podcast #170: With Daryl Gussin

Aug 02, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #170: With Daryl Gussin

Local, international, incendiary, narrative, or devoid of all meaning; I love these songs and hope you find something in them as well.

In the wise words of Slight Slappers, give me love and truth.


Kicking Spit, "Nothin Left" (Psychorockbullshit 12"EP, Tankcrimes)
High Tension Wires, "Lose Your Grip" (Welcome New Machine LP,Dirtnap)
Foreign Objects, "Fast Asleep" (No Sensation LP, Vinyl Rites)
Slöa Knivar, "Hälften Av Er Skulle Dött Av Skratt" (Ingen Klass Ingenstil LP, Skrammel)
White Night, "THEY LIVE" (Immortal LP, Dead Broke/No Breaks)
Underground Railroad To Candyland, "We Aren't the World" (Knows Your Sins LP, Recess)
Future Virgins, "Patron Saints" (Western Problems LP, P-I-X South/Starcleaner)
Awful Man, "London Texting" (New Ways to Say Fuck Off 7", It's Not A Phase Dad!/Dead Broke)
The Divine 6/7, "Cool-Out" (Self-titled 7", Arkam)
Gay Kiss, 3rd song (Dumpster Rules 7", Anxiety Machine)
Svartenbrandt, "Nu Eller Aldrig" (Dollarögon 7", Gaphals)
Wet Reckless, "My Bender" (First Five Songs 7",Threat To Existence)
Bad Banana, "Cry About It" (Cry About It 7", Puzzle Pieces)
Clorox Girls, "Genocide" (Genocide b/w Bad Girls 7", 45 RPM/Hovercraft)
Slight Slappers (feat. DJ Yuniro), "Give Me Love and Truth" (Split 12" with Assholeparade, No Idea)