Razorcake Podcast #169: With Bill Pinkel

Jul 22, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #169: With Bill Pinkel

Bill Pinkel here, special (emphasis on the word "special") guest podcaster of the week. I was a little nervous going in as my voice sounds fine as it's reverberating about my skull, but once when recorded it sounds like a congested toddler after a glass of milk. Not a pleasant image I realize but unfortunately apt. Also, after reading a eulogy at a relative's funeral when I was twelve, my grandfather said I spoke too fast and that I should have practiced more. I think I did pretty well considering I was twelve and grief-stricken, grandpa! But hopefully that's not an issue here.

I tried to pick songs that best represent my taste in music over the last couple of years and ones that hadn't been played on the podcast before. So enjoy these painstakingly selected tracks that Todd and I, bellies swollen with burrito flesh, sat around listening and chatting about for an hour or so.

It's still crazy to me that in a few short years I could go from loyal reader of Razorcake to regular contributor and dare I say, friend to the boys in the basement (Todd and Daryl told me that's what they like to be called) who work tirelessly to create such an awesome magazine. See you all at Awesome Fest!

-Bill Pinkel

Scared of Chaka, "Frozen Out" (7 Stories Tall, '94 To '99) - Albuquerque
Caves, "200 Miles" (Collection) - Bristol
Future Virgins, "No Echo" (Western Problems) - ex Sexy / Chatanooga
Turkish Techno, "Search and Roam" (Past Due) - Riverside
Joyce Manor, "Beach Community" (Joyce Manor) – Fullerton / Long Beach / 6131
New Bomb Turks, "Point A to Point Blank" (Nightmare Scenario) – Columbus / Epitaph
Something Fierce, "Empty Screens" (Don't Be So Cruel) - Houston/Dirtnap
Dude Jams, "Fucked Up" (How to Abuse Everything) - Austin? Las Cruces? Riverside? / ADD
The Steve Adamyk Band, "Not For Long" (The Steve Adamyk Band) - Ottawa, ON / ex Sedatives
The Fucking Cops, "Sweating or Freezing" (Fuck You Up With Some Truth) - Ohio/ex Potboiler/Vietnam Werewolf
Sinkhole, "Dogstein" (Core Sample) - Boston / 1992-2007
Vapid, "Death of Youth" (Practically Dead) - Vancouver, BC / Deranged
J Church, "Quickstep" (One Mississippi)
French Exit, "Pollice Verso" (French 3xit) - Pollikay Werso / Death to False Hope / Solidarity
Young Offenders, "South" (Leader Of The Followers) - SF / Deranged
Wild America, "Drink It Dry" (Demo) - Austin / Freedom School Records
Pear Of The West, "All I Want All I Need Is Communication" (This Means Little Resistance And The Proof Of Existance) - Snuffy Smiles
Hidden Spots, "Meteor Shower" (Hundred Million Voices) - Mike Pack / Chatanooga
Slobberbone, "Pinball Song" (everything you thought was right was wrong today) - Denton / New West