Razorcake Podcast #167: With Bryan Static

Jul 08, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #167: With Bryan Static

So maybe life isn't the simplest thing ever, but music sure helps. In all the ups and downs I've been dealing with lately these records have still been blasting. This one is for my roommates dealing with my music even if they don't necessarily enjoy all of it.

-Bryan Static
[email protected]

The Heartburns, “Help Me Get Through the Night (Fixin' To Die, Combat Rock Inustry)
Bust!, “Inawhile” (Fuck City, Cassette Deck)
Cola Freaks, “Slå Ihjel” (Cola Freaks, Douchemaster)
Shark Pants, “Chankle Toof” (Automatic Pinner, Dirt Cult)
Gaunt, “Weekend” (I Can See Your Mom From Here, Thrill Jockey)
The Steve Adamyk Band, “I'll Take You Anywhere” (Self-titled, Dirtnap)
Parasite Diet, “Water Girl” (Self-titled, self released)
The Gateway District, “Little Bird” (Self-titled, Rock Bottom)
Teenage Bottlerocket, “Be With You” (They Came From the Shadows, Fat Wreck)
The Hex Dispensers, “InsomniACK” (Self-titled, Alien Snatch)
Headache City, “Knee Jerk Reaction” (Self-titled, Shit Sandwich)
Angry Angels, “She's Dead” (Crowds, P. Trash)
Smart Cops, “Il Cattivo Tenente” (Per Proteggere e Servire, Sorry State)
Carbonas, “So Shitty” (Self-titled 2006, Raw Deluxe)
Mean Jeans, “Case Race” (Are You Serious?, Dirtnap)
Hot New Mexicans, “You're All Wrong” (Wah, Fast Crowd)
Big Eyes, “I Prefer to Be Alone” (Self-titled, Evil Weevil)
We Are The Physics, “Less Than Three” (We Are The Physics Are OK At Music, This is Fake DIY)
Nuclear Family, “Mistakes” (Self-titled LP, Loud Punk)
P.S. Eliot, “Untitled” (Sadie, Salinas)
Busman's Holiday, “(Mr.) Spaceman” (Old Friends, Self-released)