Razorcake Podcast #166: With Mitch Clem

Jul 01, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #166: With Mitch Clem

Yes, boys and girls, I have returned. Mitch Clem, the Most Annoying Man Alive, with another exciting, alcohol-fueled, giggle-ridden installment of the Razorcake Podcast! This time, I allow the drunken half of my drunken ramblings get SO MUCH the better of me that we had to scrap the final talkey-bit and rerecord it in a more sober state over a month later! How's THAT for time travel! Still, despite me and who I am, there are some great tunes on this one, so... Enjoy!

-Mitch Clem

Brokedowns, "This Cult is a Bummer" (Red Scare)
Thermals, "Remember Today" (Sub Pop)
Marked Men, "Oh My Pretty Face" (Nice and Neat)
Kanker Sores, "Small Town Blues" (Recess)
Swing Ding Amigos, "Pinokiak" (Recess)
Bad Banana, "July" (Self-released)
Sinkhole, "Never is Now" (Ringing Ear)
Tuesday, "So Awake" (Asian Man)
P.S. Eliot, "Tonight" (Salinas)
Parasite Diet, "Don't Lie To Me" (Self-released)
Man Afraid, "3-91" (Half Mast)
Killsadie, "Tuesday" (1%)
Propagandhi, "Potemkin City Limits" (G-7 Welcoming Committee / Smallman)
Vindictives, "Assembly Line" (V.M.L. / Lookout!)