Razorcake Podcast #165: With Kurt Morris

Jun 24, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #165: With Kurt Morris

While I think there have been a few Razorcake podcasters who have done themes of artists not from the United States, I thought I’d throw in my picks. Not necessarily the most diverse in the world, but there’s still some good music here, if I do say so myself.

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Refused, “Rather Be Dead” (Songs to Fan the Flame of Discontent, Burning Heart/Victory)
Eastern Youth, “Muyohnosuke” (8 Teeth to Eat You, Better Looking/Five One Inc.)
Fireside, “Wheeler” (Do Not Tailgate, American)
Crash, “Choke” (Young Boy I Can Help You Through Your Exams 10”, Sound Fiction/Premonition)
Death From Above 1979, “You’re Lovely (But You’ve Got Some Problems)” (Romance Bloody Romance, Vice)
12XU, “Se Faciliter la Tache” (Single Series Part 2 7”, Purepainsugar/Puzzle/Echo Canyon)
Carpenter, “Long Hard Day” (Sea to Sky, Gold Stock)
Envy, “Lies, and Release from Silence” (All The Footprints You’ve Ever Left and Fear Expecting Ahead, Temporary Residence)
Amanda Woodward, “La Décadence De La Décadence” (Self-titled, Level-Plane)
Yage, “128” (Anders Leben!?, Ebullition)
Wolf Parade, “Fancy Claps” (Apologies to the Queen Mary, Sub Pop)
999, “Homicide” (Separates, United Artists)