Razorcake Podcast #163: With Juan Espinosa

Jun 10, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #163: With Juan Espinosa

A few months ago, a friend asked me if I wanted to join him live on the air at the local college radio station. “I wanted to do an old school punk theme and I know you have a lot of punk 45s.” I agreed to do it.

After flipping through my records, I began to realize that I don’t actually own too many of what would be considered “old school” EPs. I also started to realize that I couldn’t get too excited about this sort of project because I found myself being more excited about all the great bands and records that are much more current and relevant.

The classics are great. No argument there. I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about punk music if not for all the amazing music that came out long before I was of the age to appreciate it. But there’s so much going on now: today, last week, last month, last year even. Why celebrate a past that you weren’t a part of when you have a perfectly good present right in front of you?

I contacted my friend and pitched him my idea. “How about we play current punk stuff?” “Yeah! Sure! That sounds great! Let me run the idea past the main host of the show and I’ll get back to you.” I never heard back from him.

I don’t hold any hard feelings towards my friend. He never promised me anything and I just don’t get that upset about stuff like this. For all I know, the main host of the radio may have been the one to shoot down my proposal and that would be typical of a radio station that relies heavily on listener support yet has never inspired me to donate to them (due largely to the fact that their programming pretty much sucks shit.)

And so here we are, my third podcast in as many years of volunteering for Razorcake. Todd has always extended an open invitation to record one but I’ll admit: I get lazy. This time, however, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to share all this great music with you folks, our dear listeners and readers. And now more than ever I realize that I don’t need to look any further than Razorcake to feel like I’m the company of people who get just as excited about the current state of punk rock as I do. Hope you enjoy!


Career Suicide, “Cherry Beach” (Cherry Beach EP, Dirtnap)
Hygiene, “Town Centre” (Town Centre EP, Static Shock)
Big Crux, “No Stars” (Are a Big Funk EP, Iron Lung)
Mind Spiders, “Mind Spiders Theme” (Mind Spiders LP, Dirtnap)
Night Birds, “Bad Biology” (Midnight Movies EP, No Way)
Urban Blight, “Social Order” (Total War EP, Static Shock)
Vile Gash, “Worthless” (Self-titled EP, Youth Attack)
Hoax, “Leech” (Self-titled EP, Katorga Works/Deranged)
The OSS, “Green Glass Door” (Self-titled EP, King Of the Monsters)
Merchandise, “I Locked the Door” (Strange Songs In the Dark LP, Katorga Works/Drugged Conscience)
Wax Museums, “Billy’s Room” (Denton, Denton, USA! Compilation LP, Play Pinball)
Marvelous Darlings, “Follow Me Home” (The Only Ones for Miles EP, P. Trash)
Slices, “Laugh While Eating” (Cruising LP, Iron Lung)