Razorcake Podcast #161: With Daryl Gussin

May 27, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #161: With Daryl Gussin

Both Sex Vid and Marvelous Darlings we're bands that at a certain point I asked myself, "Do you really need more of their records?" I figured I didn't so I stopped buying the Darlings' EPs and I never picked up Communal Living. Recently I acquired both a copy of Live at Gales and Communal Living and I can't believe all that I've been missing out on. Treason. Don't trust yourself, your spatial constraints, or your wallet. Buy records, borrow records, swap tapes, hell, I guess there's even music on the internet these days. Keep living, keep listening.


Marvelous Darlings, "Kobe Commotion" Live at Gales LP (Deranged)
Instängd, "Primitiv Energi" Drag Utan Drog EP (Sorry State)
Complications, "Preaching Death" Self-titled LP (Feral Ward)
Coke Bust, "Degradation" Degradation EP (Grave Mistake)
Unfun, "Society/Friends" Split 7" with Stymie (ADD)
Dirty Marquee, "Not Excited" Self-titled EP (Squirmy)
Kudzu, "Oh, Holy Broken Man" To Arm Them EP (Stress Domain)
Fy Fan, "Kristen Rensning" Ingen Framtid for Alltid EP (No Way)
Sharp Objects, "Another Victim" Another Victim EP (Modern Action)
Stymie, "Receipts" Split 7" with Unfun (ADD)
Wreck Of The Zephyr, "Let Me Be" Split 7" with Chicken Little (Pass The Fist/Sidejar)
School Jerks, "Moral Addiction" Control EP (Cowabunga)
Dead Dog, "Couch" Don’t Touch Me 12" (Let's Pretend)
Sex Vid, "Authority of Scripture" Communal Living LP (Dom America)