Razorcake Podcast #16: With Daryl Gussin

Jun 27, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #16: With Daryl Gussin
When I first started doing record reviews it completely changed the way I listened to music. Whether I wanted to hear it or not anything I’d be listening to would be accompanied by a dialog attempting to categorize and define what I was listening to. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not, but it’s usually happening. Same as at shows. Now podcasts have mutated my listening process even more so. When I hear a new song that I really like I’m all, “Fuck yeah, this would be great in a set with Dark Ages.” Yep, I even say “fuck yeah” in my head. And when thinking of Dark Ages and Deep Sleep- how can I not? Thanks for listening to these podcasts, and all the positive feedback. It makes it all worth it.


Young Pioneers “Martyr to the People”
We March “Take Over the Reins”
Estrogen Highs “Can’t Complain”
Shang-A-Lang “Summertime”
Gordon Gano’s Army “Who You Really Are”
The Ringers “Dutch Courage”
Whiskey Daredevils “Immigrant Song/Pay to Cum”
Dead Friends “Smoke Weed, Go to Sleep”
Instangd “Skracken”
Deep Sleep “Textbook Timebomb”
Dark Ages “No Cops, No Christians”
Surrender “Last White Flag”
Hanna Hirsch “Say Good-bye to Happiness”
Carrie Nations “Descendants”
Jean Mills Society Torch “Strumpet”
Bad Reaction “Dare to be Dull”
Bottledirt “If the Sun Doesn’t Come Up”
Airfix Kits “21 Hot Knives”