Razorcake Podcast #157: With Kurt Morris

Apr 29, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #157: With Kurt Morris

I grew up in a pretty conservative house and was never allowed to cuss. It wasn’t the type of home where my mouth got washed out with soap or anything of that sort but I was yelled at if I ever slipped. It really wasn’t that bad, as I was a good kid who never cussed much anyway. But there were certainly words I would never have been allowed to say. Words like the ones that are in the titles of the songs I’ve chosen for this podcast. Yes, even words like hell, ass and piss were frowned upon in my home. So, perhaps this is a way to get back at my parents, but it just so happens that I like all these songs, too. Thankfully it all ties together, otherwise I’d just look like some thirty-something who still has issues with his parents. Uh, yeah…

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The Replacements, “Bastards of Young” (Tim, Sire)
Bad Brains, “Supertouch/Shitfit” (Self-titled, ROIR)
Replicator, “King Shit of Fuck Mountain” (Machines Will Always Let You Down, Radio Is Down)
Turbonegro, “Don’t Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker” (Apocalypse Dudes, Epitaph)
Suicide Note, “Come On Fuck Me” (You’re Not Looking So Good, Ferret)
Refused, “Refused Are Fucking Dead” (The Shape of Punk to Come, Epitaph)
Black Flag, “Bastard In Love” (Who’s Got the 10 ½?, SST)
City Of Caterpillar, “Fucking Hero” (Self-titled, Level-Plane)
The Now, “Thrill Fuckers” (Self-titled EP, Level-Plane)
Minutemen, “Working Men Are Pissed” (American Youth Report, Bomp)
Phoenix Bodies, “Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens” (split 7” with Tyranny Of Shaw, Init)
MDC, “Dick For Brains” (Millions of Dead Cops, Radical)
Propagandhi, “Bullshit Politicians” (Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes, Fat)
Government Issue, “Asshole (With Ian)” (20 Years of Dischord Box Set, Dischord)
Misfits, “Green Hell” (Collection I, Caroline)