Razorcake Podcast #151: With Mitch Clem

Mar 18, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #151: With Mitch Clem

Hey, kids. Razorcake cartoonist and San Antonio washer toss champion Mitch Clem here, back for another installment of Razorcake Podcast: The Most Annoying Man Alive Edition.

There isn't a strict theme in this episode, though, upon compiling a list of songs to play, I realized that, save for three hardcore songs, my whole playlist was very poppy. Lots of pop punk, melodic punk, even some borderline indie rock. Since my friend Shane (who is not typically a punk music fan) couldn't get all the way through the last podcast I hosted because, as he put it, "There was just too much yelling," I figured maybe I'd just scrap those three hardcore songs and do an all-melody episode.

And so here it is! Bryan Static brought his laptop and microphone over to my apartment on Valentine's Day evening (while my beautiful fiancée and water coloring cohort Nation of Amanda had to work a double at the restaurant where she works), we consumed a much more moderate amount of alcohol than last time, and we cranked this one out.

I hope you like it!


Track List:
The Bananas, "Sugar Bear" (Recess)
Rumspringer, "Post-Midnight" (Traffic Street)
For Science, "Blackout Blue" (Don Giovanni)
Dillinger Four, "Thanks For Nothing" (Mutant Pop)
Night Marchers, "Jump in the Fire" (Swami)
Thee Makeout Party, "Wreckless Epic" (Kapow)
Pretty Boy Thorson And The Falling Angels, "The Best Part About Getting Dumped is You Get to Write a Power Ballad" (SXE Cat)
Good Luck, "Man On Fire" (No Idea)
Cletus, "New Reasons" (Johann's Face)
Buford, "Incomplete" (Noise Patch)
Dear Landlord, "I'm Not Saying Get 'er Done, But Don't Just Stand There" (It's Alive)
Discount, "Am I Missing Something" (New American Dream)
Statues, "Rubber Gloves" (Pelado)
Methadones, "Bored of Television" (Thick)