Razorcake Podcast #15: With Jimmy Alvarado

Jun 20, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #15: With Jimmy Alvarado
Howdy once again, and thanks for listening to my second podcast, recorded on a crisp Saturday morning at Razorcake's new official digs. Dunno that I have too much to add this time around outside of what I said on-air, or on-computer (whichever is more fitting, I guess), outside of the following brief notes:

- The Marked Men are god. Yeah, I said it.
- Los Illegals "El Lay": Their most famous cut to listen to while reading part two of our exclusive interview with them in the latest issue.
- Shahmirza Moradi is an oboe player from a part of Iran called Lorestan. If you ever find yourself in Lorestan with no idea how to spend the afternoon, visit the Imamzadeh Jafar, a mausoleum with some interesting architectual features, located in BorujerdCity.
- El Grupo Gamma/Dimension Costeña/Barbaros del Ritmo tracks: One of punk's key inspirations from its beginning has been Caribbean music. I thought I'd drop three frantic examples of Palo de Mayo music from Nicaragua's Caribbean coast to show there are other music forms down there other than reggae and ska from which to draw inspiration. Good stuff, and I thank my wife for introducing me to some of my favorite non-punk music.
- Immortal Technique's track should effectively dispel the fallacy that all rap is stupid, vapid and obsessed with materialism. Put the lyrics to "The 4th Branch" to a punk backbeat and you've got the makings of a long-lost Crass track.

That should about do it. Thanks again to Todd for tag-teaming the task at hand with me, and to Daryl for making it sound hellafied good.

- Jimmy

Vanilla Muffins –
"You Come Back to Switzerland" (“The Devil is Swiss” CD, Walzwerk)
Noise Noise Noise – "My Name is Chainsaw" (“Blazing Hot Title Track” CD, Tummy Rock)
The Marked Men – "We Won’t Talk About It" (Self-titled CD, Rip Off)
Rock-A-Teens – "Woo Hoo" (“Loud, Fast, And Out Of Control” Box Set, Rhino)
Los Lobos – "We’re Gonna Rock" (“El Cancionero” Box Set, Rhino)
Little Richard – "Heebie-Jeebies" (“The Essential” CD, Specialty)
Los Illegals – "El Lay" (“Internal Exile” LP, A&M)
Minutemen – "God Bows to Math" (“Double Nickels on the Dime” CD, SST)
Factums – "Mixture" (“Spells and Charms” CD, Kill Shaman)
Shahmirza Moradi – "Savar-Bazi" (“World Music Sampler Vol. 2” CD, Nimbus)
El Grupo Gamma – "Soup on the Table"
Dimension Costeña – "Give Me Legs" (“Super Exitos” CD, Discos Fenix)
Los Barbaros del Ritmo – "Sing Simon Sing My Love"
Venom – "Live Like an Angel" (“Welcome to Hell” CD, Relativity)
Los Crudos – "Sin Caras" (Discography CD, Lengua Armada)
Mob 47 – "Religion är Hjärntvätt" (“Guranterat Mangel” CD, Distortion)
Krigshot – "Jag Är Fri" (“Maktmissbrukare” CD, Sound Pollution)
Immortal Technique – "The 4th Branch" (“Revolutionary Vol. 2” CD, Babygrande)