Razorcake Podcast #147: With Bryan Static

Feb 18, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #147: With Bryan Static

Years are kind of strange arbitrary guidelines that we lump music into. Honestly, their only useful function is to tell us which came first. Some of the best music I heard in 2010 came out in 2009 or 2008, but that's not how the convention works. For today, I shall conform. Here are the best songs that came out in 2010 that I am aware of. I know I didn't use any Arrivals, but I also didn't use any Black Wine, Iron Chic, Dan Padilla, Tiltwheel, Estranged, Libyans, Masshysteri, The Measure [SA], Methadones, Red Dons, Rumspringer, RVIVR, Sass Dragons, Stoned At Heart, White Lung, or Young Offenders either. And that's not even half of the good records that came out this year. Also, no, I haven't heard the Too Many Daves full length.

(EDIT: As of time of submission, I actually HAVE heard the Vacation Bible School full length, Ruined the Scene (Thanks John!) and it's just as good as I hoped.)

-Bryan Static
[email protected]

The Capitalist Kids, “Don't Make Waves” (Too Big to Fail, Grackle)
The Dopamines, “You Gonna Eat That or Are You Straight Papers” (Expect the Worst, Paper+Plastic)
The White Wires, “Are You Mad?” (WWII, Dirtnap)
Vacation Bible School, “Douchebag” (Ruined the Scene, Cassette Deck)
Modern Action, “Problem Child” (Molotov Solution, Modern Action)
Unfun, “S.O.S.” (Sick Outside View, Fast Crowd)
The Ergs!, “Society Hill” (Thrash Compactor, Grave Mistake/Firestarter)
The Spits, “Get Our Kicks” (NOFX/The Spits split 7", Fat Wreck)
Jonesin', “Just So You Know” (The Dream is Dead, Traffic Street/Muy Autenico, Dirt Cult, No Breaks)
Good Men Die Like Dogs, “The Body” (Postscript, Tortilla Chip)
Les Savy Fav, “Let's Get Out of Here Now” (Root for Ruin, Frenchkiss)
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, “The Might Sparrow” (The Brutalist Bricks, Matador)
Hot New Mexicans, “Should I?” (Self-titled, Houseplant/Recess)
Japanther, “She's The One” (Rock 'N' Roll Ice Cream, Menlo Park)
Autisitic Youth, “I Don't Believe” (Idle Minds, Dirtnap)
The Brokedowns, “Skvll Skewl” (Species Bender, Red Scare)
Defect Defect, “We've Already Lost” (Self-titled, Residue)
Dead Mechanical, “A World of Mistakes” (Addict Rhythms, Traffic Street/Toxic Pop)
Off With Their Heads, “Clear the Air” (In Desolation, Epitaph)