Razorcake Podcast #146: With Ever Velasquez

Feb 11, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #146: With Ever Velasquez

Hey EVERyone !!! Here’s my track listing for my new podcast !!!

-Ever Velasquez

Wally George, “Wal-ly, Wal-ly”
Born Against, “Well Fed Fuck”
Betty Davis, “Ooh Yeah”
Seein' Red, “Chained”
The Spits, “Rip Up The Streets”
Econochrist, “Deadlocked”
T. Rex, “Mambo Sun”
She’s Dead, “Wakeup”
Rivethead, “48 Double Stack”The Clash, “In Control”
Spitboy, “Motivated By Fear”
Underground Railroad To Candyland “Age Of Consent”
OFF!, “Black Thoughts”
Julie Ruin, “The Punk Singer”
Handski, “Charred”
G.G. Allin, “You Hate Me & I Hate You”
Youth Against, “Mi Hijo”
Suzi Quatro, “Rock Hard”