Razorcake Podcast #143: With Daryl Gussin

Jan 21, 2011

Razorcake Podcast #143: With Daryl Gussin

I usually try to organize my sets by sub-genre. Usually pop punk, hardcore, and garage. I could easily have done that with this podcast, but something about it felt wrong this time. Segregating scenes. Creating boundaries rather than bridges. That's no way for one to spend free time. Celebrate the differences, they will only make us stronger.

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Poison Planet, "The Victim" (Third Party)
Red Dons, "My Life in Exile" (Deranged)
Ottawa, "Holy of Holies" (Residue)
Catburglars, "I Wanna Be John Goodman" (Criminal IQ)
Nuclear Family, "Nothing New" (Loud Punk)
Cold Sweat, "Breaking You" (Rock & Roleplay)
Far Corners, "Set Up" (Dirt Cult/GC)
Direct Control, "War All the Time" (Tank Crimes)
Dark Rides, "Everybody" (Do You Hear We?)
Cheifs, "Riot Squad" (Dr. Strange)
Reagan SS, "Exit Interview" (Rabid Dog)
White Night, "Of All the Ones" (No Breaks)
Cola Freaks, "Knirk" (Rob's House)
De Høje Hæle, "Uden Ilt" (Hjernespind)