Razorcake Podcast #14: With Matt Army

Jun 13, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #14: With Matt Army
Slow “Against the Glass” Against the Glass EP
Vancouver, BC’s preeminent mid-‘80s pants-droppers.
The Royal Gents “You Really Do Want My Love” V/A, Los Angelinos: The Eastside Renaisance
Pomona latin soul circa ’83.
Bastard Brigade “Horror Movie Junky” 200 Proof Bastards EP
From the record Flipside called “an instant classic”.
Cash Registers “Drain-O and Rat Poison” Makes No Cents EP
Mid-‘90s post-scum rock, punk pop from NYC.
The Fall Outs “Worthless” Sleep EP
Poppy, Conrad Uno produced, missing links from the Northwest.
Spodie “17 and Stupid” Pop-Punk-A-Go-Go EP
Cincinnati’s forgotten gems lost in the shuffle of crappy, late ‘90s pop punk garbage.
Iron Prostate “Rock’n’roll Nursing Home” Rock’n’roll Nursing Home EP
These guys were old in ’91, before it was cool!
Roach Motel “Now You’re Gonna Die” Roach an Roll EP
Trivia: Song’s original title “Mr. Tabb, the Doctor Will See You Now”.
Stalkers “Yesterday is No Tomorrow” Yesterday is No Tomorrow LP
“Misfits cover band frontman branches out and goes where eagles dare.”
GSD “Not For Nothing” (unreleased)
Dudes from Ifarm, 4DQ, and Basement Black make a racket all their own.
The Plungers “Lets Twist Again” Lets Get Twisted With…
Another underappreciated gem from mid-‘90s NYC (by way of Japan).
Green On Red “Black River” Gas, Food, Lodging LP
Perfect for that long drive between Austin and Las Cruces.
Young Offenders “Big Man, Small House” (to be released)
Todd picked this one.