Razorcake Podcast #139: With Jeff Proctor

Dec 24, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #139: With Jeff Proctor

So, this is my third podcast I’ve done for Razorcake now. The first two I focused on San Diego area bands that I enjoy. This time I wanted to take a little road trip out of San Diego, taking the I-8 east, picking up bands from towns along the way, with bands from El Centro and Yuma (and with a brief detour into the Phoenix metro area) before finishing up in Tucson. From the Spanish missionaries to the active, working bands today, people have been traveling this route for centuries, traversing the mountains and deserts, exchanging ideas and culture along the way. This is certainly reflected by the philosophical and musical commonalities of the bands I picked for today’s podcast. Enjoy!

-Jeff Proctor

Beehive and the Barracudas “Stuck on the Bus” In Dark Love (Swami, 2003)
The Sultans “Walk of Shame” Shipwrecked” (Swami, 2004)
The Widows “Don’t Hang Around” Point Despair (2007)
The Dissimilars “Monkey Farm” Jimmy’s Room  (Out of Order, 2005)
Stalins of Sound “Baton of Discipline” Self-titled (Volar, 2010)
The Kassos “Rock Zombie” It Would be my Pleasure to Fuck You Up” (Vendor, 1999)
Slab City “Caguama Rama” Friday Nite Boy (Rob’s House, 2008)
Tokyo Electron “I’ll be Back” AZ-238 (FDH, 2009)
Earthmen and Strangers “Turn the Page” Self-titled (FDH, 2009)
Destruction Unit “Look on the Screams” Death the the Old Flesh (2006)
Digital Leather “Styrofoam” Sorcerer (Goner, 2008)
Shark Pants “Later Alligator” Porno Snakehead (Recess, 2004)
Lenguas Largas “Lonely Summertime” Lonely Summertime (Dirt Cult, 2010)
The Knockout Pills “Stab Wound Baby:” 1 + 1 + Ate (Estrus, 2004)
The Cuntifiers “Loco Loco” Never Coming Out (Angels Blood, 2008)
The Okmoniks “Not that Good” Party Fever (Slovenly, 2008)
Sneaky Pinks “I Can’t Wait” Self-titled(Rubber Vomit, 2005)
Nobunny “Live it Up” First Blood (Goner, 2010)