Razorcake Podcast #138: With Scott Laval

Dec 17, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #138: With Scott Laval

Guaranteed Mood Enhancer For Five Out Of Ten Listeners!  Y'know... that like... good!

-Scott Laval

00:00  The Replacements - "Kids Don't Follow" from Stink
Y'know, it CAN be just an intro...

00:30  Fear - "Null Detector" from Live: For The Record
For when Paul Westerberg just doesn't count fast enough for you.

01:47  Ergs - "It'll Be OK" from Upstairs/Downstairs
One of my favorite tracks from the last proper.  Complete with the intro to "Bike Shoppe", which leads us to...

04:21  Young Fresh Fellows - "Broken Basket" from The Men Who Loved Music
A band I've REALLY been getting into lately.  And yes, Conrad Uno produced both of the last two songs.  You don't care, you say?  But you're still reading.  Seriously, why are you still reading if you don't care.

07:49  The Takers - "Drift" from Taker Easy
Kind of like Whiskey & Co, but not intended to be a simile.

11:11  Superchunk - "Say My Name" from Guilt By Association Compilation
Go out and buy Superchunk's new album, "Majesty Shredding", right now.  Seriously... they're back.  I forgot to plug that, but their new record fucking rocks.  If you dug "Here's Where The Strings Come In", you should be down with the new one.

14:56  The Soviettes - "Hanging Up The Phone" from LPIII
There are so many GREAT Soviettes songs, but this one just flowed so darn well!

18:59  The Quick - "Pretty Please" from Untold Rock Stories
Early L.A. punk band.  All versions of this song are amazing.

23:21  Chuck Ragan - "The Boat" from The Blueprint Sessions
Another nod to Leatherface (as far as I can tell).  Apologies for the cut-off.

23:48  China Drum - "Barrier" from Barrier EP
Highly underrated band that got lost in the shuffle.  One of the few bands that can succeed at Angry Pop.  "Goosefair" and "Self Made Maniac" are both great as well.  Eventually, they just became The Drum, and the drummer (who also sang in China Drum) went to the front of the stage with only a microphone.  This is where things went wrong.  Stay away from that stuff.  All China Drum stuff gets my stamp of approval.  I plan on doing a Budget Bin Rescue Program Podcast in the near future and these fellas are certainly ones that qualify.  Go to your local record store and pick up something with "China Drum" in the name.  It'll be a dollar well spent.

27:36  Leatherface - "Cabbage Case" from Cherry Knowle
Uh, Leatherface???  A dance troupe from sunny Sunderland (which sounded better than Colderland, apparently).

31:13  No dog murdering... still really like dogs!

31:53  So what, I say "segue" a lot.  You know why?  'Cos I get paid every time I say it.  Homophones, bitches!

33:09  Ok, so maybe "can't" isn't the proper word.  If the band before you played "Wanderin'", y'know, maybe don't open with "Wanderin'".

33:31  Vagina Sore, Jr - "Friends Are For Kids" from This Here Peninsula
One of my favorite bands in the Testicular Bay Area.  Richie and Dave from Clairmel, Joe from Too Many Daves, and Russ, who I believe was the "Another Planet" Peter Perrett was referring to.

37:38  Cracker w/ Patterson Hood - "Friends" from Sunrise In The Land Of Milk & Honey
            I'm fully aware that this band is not "cool", nor "punk".  But hey, they've got a great catalog and David Lowery did write "Take The Skinheads Bowling", right?  But it's their guitarist who wrote this one.  And Patterson Hood from Drive-By Truckers who sangs along.  Yes, he "sangs".  Hopefully a bunch of people can hear their lives in this one.  And if anyone is mackin' to Captain Beefheart, god bless ya!

41:46  Big Drill Car - "Friend Of Mine (Demo)" from A Never Ending Endeavor
This could be one of the best pop-punk songs ever!  I've always loved the version from "No Worse For The Wear".  This particular version is brought to us by the "A Never Ending Endeavor" compilation which came out not too long ago.  20 tracks with lots of comps/7" tracks with plenty of gems.  Check out All Systems Go if you haven't already.

46:07  Leonard Nimoy – “Highly Illogical”
Shit, if The Shat can get a record deal!?!  And no, I'm not a Star Trek geek.  I always liked Star Wars better, which Highly Illogically leads us to...

48:23  Meco & Wesley Willis – “Star Wars / Cantina”
Like I said, I got a new computer, and this is what happens when you're learning to use shit (or at least when you involve me in the self-education).  You get Meco (who did some ridiculous 70's instrumental disco anthems) merging with a Wesley Willis soundclip found at the end of a Boris The Sprinkler CD.  Long live Dub Dub!

Thank you for listening (what Wesley said)!