Razorcake Podcast #137: With Mitch Clem

Dec 10, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #137: With Mitch Clem

Generally nervous about the idea of people hearing me speak into a microphone and, as such, about half a case of Lone Star was downed before I felt comfortable enough to record this podcast. The rest was consumed over the time spent recording. After which point it becomes clear, to me at least, that I am the most annoying man alive. Also, I swear too much and pronounce words really weird ("OW-stria"??). My beautiful fiancée Amanda tells me it isn't me being annoying, that's just what I always sound like. This made me sad. Bryan Static, my cohort though this process, assured me it wasn't that bad, and some people might actually think it was funny. God willing.

Some errors I found upon relistening to this podcast whilst sober:

1) Digger were from Pennsylvania, not Colorado. (This is a mistake I find myself CONSTANTLY making for some reason. Recently, a friend of mine went to Denver to visit his girlfriend's family, and every time I'd talk to him, I'd make some reference to, "Oh, maybe you'll see Digger while you're there," and every time he'd point out to me that they're not from Colorado. This has become an obsession of sorts for me, and, in time, I'm sure you'll all learn to embrace it as well)

2) I was a freshman in high school in like 1996, not 1998. (Here's another strange obsession I appear to have stumbled upon: Saying "1998" in this podcast. This one I cannot explain, and I'm actually a bit annoyed by it when I listen [but, then again, I hate myself]. Regardless, your options are simple: Every time it happens, either ignore it or take a drink. My personal choice is quite apparent throughout all the giggling.)

All in all, this was a really fun experience. I'd actually already toyed with the issue of making a podcast, so this was kind of the perfect opportunity to give the whole process a test run. I hope you don't hate it.

-Mitch Clem

Digger - "Dale" (Hopeless)
Apocalypse Hoboken - "Dean Was a Punk" (Johann's Face)
Batman & Robin - "Whatever, I Hate Rock and Roll" (Be Scared!)
Sass Dragons - "Too High to Drive" (Johann's Face)
One Reason - "Legacy of Empty Buildings" (Plan-It-X)
I Farm - "End? No... 5.5" (Cool Guy)
Municipal Waste - "Chemically Altered" (Earache)
Ergs - "A Million Perfect Days" (Whoa Oh)
Thumbs - "All Lesser Devils" (Adeline)
Copyrights - "She Turns It Up" (Red Scare)
Sicko - "Believe" (Empty)
Dillinger Four - "Farts Are Jazz to Assholes" (Fat Wreck)
Cheap Time - "Glitter & Gold" (In the Red)
Pain - "Jonathan Fallow" (Springman)
Manikins - "Hangin' from a Noose" (Full Breach Kicks)
Die Rotzz - "Tombstone Bullets" (Die Slaughterhaus)
Funeral Oration - "More than Anything" (Hopeless)
Rivethead - "Past Days" (Recess)