Razorcake Podcast #135: With Jimmy Alvarado

Nov 26, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #135: With Jimmy Alvarado

Not much rhyme or reason here—a selection of old and new, rare and not-as-rare tunes from bands famous and obscure pulled from different formats—other than I thought they went well together. Todd ’n’ I were feelin’ particularly silly that day. We’ve been friends a good spell and it happens often when we get together.

I think I said as much during one of the talky-parts, but if not, I would direct your attention to the closing tune, “I Saw Dead Jim’s Shade,” which I’d say is one of the best and most criminally ignored tunes ever to come out of L.A.’s underground—moody, un-hummable, and oddly cinematic. I was completely mesmerized by their performance of the tune on New Wave Theatre one late night in the ‘80s and subsequently scoured the county for years before I scored a copy of We Get Messages. A nice little slice of proof that ‘80s L.A. punk was much more nuanced than merely being a high-velocity soundtrack for meatheaded goons to assault each other.


Modern Action, “Radioactive Boy” (Radioactive Boy 7”, Modern Action)
Thurneman, “AlltPa Nytt Igen” (Tegelsten För Tegelsten 7” EP, Sorry State)
Psychotic Pineapple, “I Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Rid of You” (I Wanna Get Rid of You 7”, Richmond)
Myelin Sheaths, “Laboratory Disaster” (Self-titled, Bachelor)
Essential Logic, “Aerosol Burns” (Wanna Buy a Bridge? compilation LP, Rough Trade)
Nipple Erectors, “So Pissed Off” (Bops, Babes, Booze and Bovver LP, Big Beat)
Child Molesters, “Violent Crimes” (Brown Album LP, SFTRI)
Gang of Four, “To Hell with Poverty” (A Brief History of the Twentieth Century, Warner Bros)
Clash, “White Man at Hammersmith Palais” (Rock Against Racism compilation LP, Ariola Benelux)
Alternative TV, “Viva La Rock ’n’ Roll” (The Image has Cracked LP, Deptford Fun City/Anagram)
Kieltolaki, “Maailma Menee Helvetiin” (Self-titled 7” EP, Moo Cow)
KAAOS, “Väkivallan Uhrie” (Ristiinnaulittu LP, Havoc)
Youth Gone Mad, “Weekend Punks” (Self-titled flexi disc, Flipside Fanzine)
Circle One, “You’re So Boring/Relics from the Past” (Never Give Up LP, Artifix)
Violent Arrest, “Fit for Abuse” (Self-titled LP, deranged)
Slaktrens, “Ur Balans” (Ur Balans 7” EP, Rawby)
Video Disease, “Destiny/Child” (Make Me Pure, Cowabunga)
Fear, “Hank Williams Was Queer” (Live @ Wow Hall, Eugene OR, 9/17/82)
Chrome, “In a Dream” (Chrome Box, Cleopatra)
Sharp Ends, “Northern Front” (Self-titled 7”, Hozac)
Monitor, “I Saw Dead Jim’s Shade” (We Get Messages LP, World Imitation)