Razorcake Podcast #133: With Bryan Static

Nov 12, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #133: With Bryan Static

I've been into punk rock for nearly a decade and I probably have a new favorite band every other month. I skipped a few, definitely. I mean, nobody really wants to hear the Casualties, right? Here, instead, is a selection of tracks from my favorite bands over a period of ten years with the qualification that they are still bands I like. I could go on and on about almost all of them, but I'll spare you my inane chatter. And some might ask, Bryan, did you choose that Dillinger Four song just because it has an extremely long title? No. I didn't. And it was the bane of my existence because it ruined a good number of takes while recording.

-Bryan Static
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Scared of Chaka “Speedy”
NOFX “Dad's Bad News”
Pain “Milk”
Against Me! “Walking is Still Honest”
Epoxies “Science of You”
The Soviettes “1308”
The Arrivals “Tornado”
The Ergs! “Ashley Sugarnotch”
The Marked Men “My Love”
None More Black “We Dance on the Ruins of the Stupid Stage”
Off With Their Heads “With You”
Toys That Kill “We Control the Sun”
Swing Ding Amigos “Akurrukame”
Descendents “Hope”
Randy “Teenage Tiger”
Dead Kennedys “When Ya Get Drafted”