Razorcake Podcast #132: With Kurt Morris

Nov 05, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #132: With Kurt Morris

From the time I was in high school and first heard Sunny Day Real Estate and Blenderhead, I knew Seattle was a city I wanted to live in. Something about the great music and my admiration for Tooth & Nail Records (back when they put out some good music and I was a Christian) made me want to see the city. Finally, in 2006, without a job or place to live lined up, I put all my possessions in my car and made the move. I ended up living in Seattle for two years and enjoyed it very much (besides my shitty job). It’s a great city with a sweet vibe and really cool people. Tucked in between two sets of mountains and right by the water, it has a lot to offer. And while many people think of Seattle and grunge, it has produced many other fantastic bands and artists. Therefore, for this podcast I thought I’d showcase some songs from Seattle artists. I hope you hear something you like!

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The Cootees, “Too Late” (I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol. 1, Tooth & Nail)
Black Breath, “Black Sin (Spit on the Cross)” (Heavy Breathing, Southern Lord)
Botch, “John Woo” (American Nervoso, Hydra Head)
The Blood Brothers, “Trash Flavored Trash” (Crimes, V2)
RoadsideMonument, “Crop Circles” (Demo, Casa)
Raft Of Dead Monkeys, “Runnin’ Hot” (Thoroughlev, Burnout)
Patrol, “Suspect” (Destinations, Stiff Slack)
764-HERO, “Sunburnt” (We’re Solids, Up)
Damien Jurado & Gathered In Song, “Castles” (I Break Chairs, Sub Pop)
Blenderhead, “Power Trip” (Prime Candidate for Burnout, Tooth & Nail)
Sunny Day Real Estate, “One” (Rising Tide, Time Bomb)