Razorcake Podcast #131: With Jimmy Alvarado

Oct 29, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #131: With Jimmy Alvarado

Others will of course disagree, but to my mind, the seven-inch record format is the quintessential delivery system for punk rock. Sure, there is no shortage of jaw-dropping good punk albums out there, but the smaller of the two formats just works so much more effectively—the amount of available time forces a band (at least the smart ones with limited resources and money to fund such things) to resort to their A-list tunes to get in, make their statement, and get the fuck outta Dodge. Slough off the chaff and it’s all sweet kernel goodness.

With the exception of a couple of tracks, the lion’s share of the tunes here were chosen by randomly pulling different singles and EPs I’ve collected over the past decade or so from my personal bins. Some suckered me from the first note, others took a while to grow on me, but I think all are nifty in their own way. Hope you dig ’em, too.

-Jimmy Alvarado

M:Pati, “USA Ska Bort” (Self-titled 7” EP, BIM)
La Corde, “Back in Salem” (Back in Salem 7”, self released)
Thee Undertakers, “Don’t Mean Anything” (L.A. Muerte 7” EP, Artifix)
Tuxedomoon, “No Tears” (Self-titled 12”, Tuxedomoon)
Broken Patterns, “Germs” (Self-titled 7”, Six Feet Under)
Daylight Robbery, “Reach Out” (Red Tape 7” EP, Residue)
Marked Men, “Whip Myself” (Split 7” EP with This is my Fist, No Idea)
The Vectors, “Babble On” (Rape the Pope 7” EP, Rabid Alligator)
Sun God, “(s)pain” ((s)pain 7” EP, Pizza Pants)
Saibon, “Give the Retards a Break” (Number Two 7” EP, Hard-On)
Los Federales, “Buypartisans” (Choke God in Heaven 7” EP, No Theme)
Riistetyt, “Haluun Kuolemaa” (Tuomiopäivä 7” EP, Havoc)
Direct Control, “Hardcore for Heroin” (Self-titled 7” EP, Kangaroo)
Arna Contra Arma, “Tu Me Preguntas” (Let No One Deceive You 7” EP, Lengua Armada)
Brown Sugar, “2012” (Deportation 7” EP, Feral Kid)
Los Banditos, “Kommissar X” (Self-titled 7” EP, Sheep)
The Anals, “Commando of Love” (Commando of Love 7”, Sweet Rot)
Moorat Fingers, “I Don’t Know” (I Don’t Know 7”, Radio Blast)
The Teeners, “Hit Me” (Self-Titled 7” EP, Super Secret)
Sexual Abominations, “Rock n roll Meathook” (Rock n roll Meathook 7” EP, Wrench)
La Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna, “Mi Ultima Parranda” (Mi Ultima Parranda 7”, Arcano)
Mummies, “The Fly” (1994 Peel Sessions 7” EP, bootleg)
Potential Johns, “Only Time” (You Never Cared 7” EP, Sandwich Man)