Razorcake Podcast #130 - Fest Edition!: With Todd and Daryl

Oct 22, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #130 - Fest Edition!: With Todd and Daryl

Although there is some truth to the beards and beer belly-isms of The Fest, we do not blame the Statue of Liberty for starting soaped-up, spiky hair.

We do not sniff the bouquets of wines and use the hushed tones previously reserved for reliving battles of American Revolution to explain a drink’s fruitiness and underlying bouquet. Drinking’s for getting drunk, not to be used as a spearhead to gentrification.

These originating beards and bellies of travelling musicians had were the natural conclusions of…
1. Love of cheap beer.
2. Suspicion of daily bathing rituals, because grooming’s for squares.
3. DIY punk and athletics are named two different things for a reason.

No reason to vilify. But that’s also no reason to get trapped in a beard trap of our own design. The Fest is a much more diverse musical affair than is generally credited.

In its the ninth year in Gainesville, Florida—home to religious zealots, serial killers, a hotbed of college football, awesome barbeque, and No Idea—Daryl and I made this podcast as a celebration of that musical diversity that often gets overlooked.

Soak in it.

-Todd Taylor

The Brokedowns, “Loyal Looper” (Red Scare)
Pine Hill Haints, “Black Casket” (45 RPM/Razorcake)
The Measure [SA], “Checklist” (No Idea)
Gentleman Jesse and His Men, “I Don’t Wanna Know” (Douchemaster)
Hard Skin, “Debroah Services Ltd.” (Snuffy Smiles)
Hidden Spots, “King of the Jungle” (Do You Hear We?)
The Dopamines, “Try This at Home Kids” (It’s Alive)
American Cheeseburger, “Grandma’s Nazi Plate” (No Idea)
Future Virgins, “Silver Balloons” (Do You Hear We?)
Night Birds, “Send Me Home” (Self-released)
Jonesin', “Nothing At All” (Traffic Street/Dirt Cult/Muy Autentico/No Breaks)
Comadre, “Mess With the Best, Undress Like the Rest” (Doods)
Hot New Mexicans, “I Made the Doubt” (Recess/Houseplant)
Defiance, Ohio, “Eureka” (No Idea)
Municipal Waste, “Unleash the Bastards” (Earache)
The Arrivals, “Simple Pleasures in America” (Recess)