Razorcake Podcast #128: With Joe Evans III

Oct 08, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #128: With Joe Evans III

This was the plan: Head out to California for a week, to check out Awesome Fest, and see Los Angeles while staying at my friends’ Matt and Kevin’s house. Two days before my flight, Todd asked if I’d be interested in recording a podcast, and I accepted. I rushed to pick out some songs and burn a CDR amongst packing and assembling zines, asking myself questions like “Do I go with a theme? Stuff that Razorcake readers already know and love, or try to throw them a curveball?” All of those were answered with “Here’s a bunch of music I like.” A week later, after very little sleep and eating nothing but junk food (including that bear claw up above, moments before), Todd and I sat down and recorded it. I hope you enjoy (but feel better by the time it’s done than I felt by the time I got home).

–Joe Evans III

The Evaporators “Where’s the Butter Knife?” (Gassy Jack and Other Tales, Mint)
Dick Army “Not For Sale” (Unsafe at Any Volume, Vital Music)
Egghead. “Neighborhood Palm Reader” (Dumb Songs for Smart People., Mutant Pop)
Red Phone Dispatch “Mientkiewicz” (Rotary Public, Self-Released)
The Unlovables “Everything’s Overrated” (Heartsickle, Whoa Oh)
Fleshies “Potential Outlier” (Scrape the Walls, Alternative Tentacles)
The Minutemen “Shit from an Old Notebook” (Double Nickels on the Dime, SST)
NoMeansNo “I’ve Got a Gun” (The Worldhood of the World [As Such], Alternative Tentacles)
The Spits “Live in a Van” (Spits IV, Recess)
The Arrivals “Ballad of Lon Stokes” (Marvels of Industry, Recess)
Henry Fiat’s Open Sore “The Anti-Man” (Idiotia Hyperactiva, Cold Front)
The International Datelines “Let’s Go Steady” (Self-titled, Self-Released)
Arlo “Working Title” (Stab the Unstoppable Hero, Sub Pop)
Big Black “Bad Penny” (Songs about Fucking, Touch and Go)
The Dwarves “Dominator” (The Dwarves Must Die, Sympathy For The Record Industry)
John Coltrane “Up ‘Gainst the Wall” (Impressions, Imperial)
Biz Markie “Turn Tha Party Out” (Greatest Hits, Cold Chillin’)
The Four Eyes “Thank You for Being A Friend” (Secret Center Sessions Volume 3, Self-released)