Razorcake Podcast #124: With Kurt Morris

Sep 10, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #124: With Kurt Morris

Everyone loves the alphabet! So I put together twenty-six songs by twenty-six different artists, going alphabetically by artist name from A to Z. Hurray for letters!

-Kurt Morris
[email protected]

Agent Orange, “America” (Living in Darkness, Rhino)
Blood On The Wall, “Hey, Hey” (Awesomer, Social Registry)
Ceremony, “Terminal Addiction” (Rohnert Park, Bridge 9)
Discharge, “Protest and Survive” (Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, Clay)
Embrace, “Past” (Self-titled, Dischord)
The Famine, “Killing for Sport” (The Raven and the Reaping, Solid State)
Godsheadsilo, “Friend Island” (Share the Fantasy, Sub Pop)
Hot Cross, “4a-030401” (A New Set of Lungs EP, Level Plane)
Iggy Pop, “Fix Me” (Rise Above: 24 Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three, Sanctuary)
Jud Jud, “Fast Song” (The Demos 7”, No Idea)
Kalashnikov, “Nessuna Fiducia” (Dreams for Super-Defeated Heroes, self-released)
Le Shok, “I Know You’re Ready” (We Are Electrocution, GSL)
Mara’akate, “Congratulations on Your Impending Nuptials” (Self-titled EP, One Day Savior)
Napalm Death, “Born on Your Knees” (Scum, Earache)
Operation Ivy, “Bombshell” (Energy, Lookout!)
Portraits Of Past, “KQED Equals Volvo” (Discography, Ebullition)
Q And Not U, “District Night Prayer” (Power, Dischord)
Routineers, “Two Fridays” (Self-titled, Dischord)
Song Of Zarathustra, “With Hands That Bleed” (Birth of Tragedy, Troubleman)
Tanner, “In a Dump” ((Germo)Phobic, Headhunter)
Unwound, “No Tech!” (Challenge for a Civilized Society, Kill Rock Stars)
Volcano, I’m Still Excited!, “By No Means” (Self-titled, Polyvinyl)
Weird Paul, “Acting Like Mel Torme” (Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety, Homestead)
X-Ray Spex, “Oh Bondage Up Yours!” (Germ Free Adolescents, Blue Plate/Caroline)
Youth Of Today, “Break Down the Walls” (Break Down the Walls, Revelation)
Zao, “Skin Like Winter” (split EP w/ Training For Utopia, Solid State)