Razorcake Podcast #121: Awesome Fest IV Edition with Todd and Daryl

Aug 20, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #121: Awesome Fest IV Edition with Todd and Daryl

Awesome Fest IV Podcast

Part endurance test, part family reunion, part music festival. That’s how I see punk fests. For a couple years, the only vacations I would go on were to fests. Earlier this year, I went outta town for a week. For the first time in years it was a trip that was not centered around either a tour or a fest. At first it was kind of disappointing, but it reminded me of why I love these excursions so damn much. When I go on vacation, I want there to be a show every night, I want people I know to be everywhere I go, and I want them to be drunk. Sadly, this doesn’t happen in the “real world.” But that’s why we created these destinations of our own.

Come on down. We’re waiting for you.


The Soviettes, “Blue Stars” (Adeline)
Stab City, “track 2” (Self-released)
Chinese Telephones, “I Cant Be Right” (It’s Alive)
Dead Mechanical, “In a Room” (Cold Feet)
That's Incredible, “It’s All Good” (It’s Alive)
City Mouse, “Bird Song” (Self-released)
White Night, “Sooo Long” (Repulsion / Small Pool)
Sunnyside, “General Discussion on the Punkboard” (Self-released)
Sin Remedio, “Vanidad” (Sin Remedio / Basement)
Shang-A-Lang “Must Be Damned” (Dirt Cult)
Bastards Of Young
Something Fierce, “Aliens” (Dirtnap)
Tiltwheel, “Get Your Gentrification Out of My Aburguesamiento” (ADD)
F.Y.P, “I’m Gonna Kill Her” (Suburban Home / California Roll)