Razorcake Podcast #118: With Daryl Gussin

Jul 30, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #118: With Daryl Gussin

Since it's summer and people are out and about traveling the world, I thought I'd put together a podcast full of current bands from diverse locations. And what better place to start an adventure than a basement show in the River West neighborhood of Milwaukee with Eine Kleine Chinmusik. From there we head down to Texas, Chattanooga, New Orleans, then back up to Chicago in time to catch our flight to Australia only to hop a couple continents and hit up Poland, Sweden, and Italy. Once we get sick of the conversion rate we'll head back to America, landing in SF, then jump shores and spend some time in Brooklyn, only to get sick of all the hipsters and head down to Memphis, then to Portland. Finally we make our way home to Los Angeles, finishing up the epic journey with an epic song by San Pedro's own Stoned At Heart.

What a ride, thanks for keeping me company on the lonely, unforgiving road. Hope you heard something you liked.


Eine Kleine Chinmusik, "A Year to Forget" (Repulsion)
Stymie, "Live. Life. Good?" (Cowabunga)
What If…, "Eat It" (Do You Hear We?)
Necro Hippies, "Soccer Champ" (Raw Sugar)
The Krunchies, "Ugly Inside" (Southkore)
Total Control, "Retiree" (Iron Lung)
El Banda, "Belladonna" (Pasażer)
Masshysteri, "Dom Kan Inte Höra Musiken" (Feral Ward)
Kalashnikov, "Vivi in Un'era di Caos Psichico" (Chaos Rurale)
Grass Widow, "Cut It Off" (Make A Mess)
Nude Beach, "No Change" (Mandible)
Alicja-Pop, "Shining Apple" (Certified PR)
Drunken Boat, "Shoot and Miss" (Fast Crowd/Must Yearn)
Stoned At Heart, "You'll Hear My Voice" (Recess)