Razorcake Podcast #117: With Ben Snakepit

Jul 23, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #117: With Ben Snakepit

I was so ready for this podcast. I'd spent weeks picking out the perfect bunch of songs, downloading everything and even making a special playlist for it on my iPhone.

Shanghai River was heading to California, and I figured it would be neat to have a GPS, the kind that comes through the car speakers and tells you to "turn right" and shit like that. I downloaded what seemed like a pretty good GPS app (MotionX, in case you're curious). As we drove through the remote mountains of New Mexico and Arizona, the phone dropped out of network range. This confused the GPS app and made my iPhone crash, two days into the trip. I managed to find an Apple store in Tucson, it was a terrifying place full of soulless, gel-haired white people. They reset my phone so I could at least use it to make calls (We were on tour, this was pretty essential), but I lost all the data on the phone. All the contact numbers and directions for tour, all the photos I'd taken, and of course, all of my music.

When we got to Highland Park and Todd and Daryl got a few Tecates in me, I decided not to give up. Todd was cool enough to let me go through his record collection (jealous much? You should be.) I hastily picked out some familiar favorites and threw together this playlist. Mainly I just wanted to get to use the Razorcake HQ's pro setup for recording podcasts. I had a lot of fun, on the ride back to Joe's house after the show; I had a crazy weed cookie kick in just as I was driving through a tunnel on the TERRIFYING Arroyo Seco Freeway. Our roadie got alcohol poisoning that night. It was a magical time in the City of Angels.

-Ben Snakepit

Leatherface, “Melody Lee”
Scared Of Chaka, “Cashed Out”
Hex Dispensers, “Forest Ray Colson”
Marked Men, “Red Light Rumors”
Pajama Slave Dancers, “Deep Freeze Walt Disney”
World Burns To Death, “Glorious Butchers”
La Fraction, “La Bolte”
Henry Fiat’s Open Soar, “Proto Geek”
The Krunchies, “Moonboots”
Skrewdriver, “You’re So Dump”
The Rezillos, “Bad Guy Reaction”
Shitty Limits, “Swallowed Whole”
Cocksparrer, “Take ‘Em All”
Drunken Boat, “Keep On”