Razorcake Podcast #115: With Jimmy Alvarado

Jul 09, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #115: With Jimmy Alvarado

Decade End Podcast Part Two

(Friendly Neighbors photo by Fever Dragon. Pilfered from their Myspace page)

This is part two of a would-be retrospective of stuff released over the course of the past decade. Part one covered the years 2000-2003, and this one finishes up with stuff from 2004-2007. I’ve covered the years after that in a couple of previous podcasts, and you can find ’em elsewhere if you’re interested in giving ’em a listen. I also highly recommend you take the time to listen to as many of the other Razorcake podcasts as possible, as there is no shortage of varied, quality listening to be found in them from a bevy of fine folk who know a thing or two about varied, quality listening. Seriously, it’s like 100+ hours of one of the best “radio” stations you’re ever gonna stumble across.

As I stated at the beginning of part one, this should not be construed as a “best of” collection of stuff. There were far too many great bands and songs in the past ten years and such an endeavor would be dang near impossible, not to mention hampered by the arbitrary tastes of whoever’s compiling such a thing. Think of this instead as a collection of songs from a certain period of time that I thought went well with one another when I was putting it together. In it you’ll find tunes from old standbys and new jacks, well-known institutions and more obscure noise-mongers, covering the many subgenres of punk they inhabit. Hope you enjoy it.
-Jimmy Alvarado

Randies – “Boys in Stereo” (Kiss or Kill Comp, War Room, 2004)
Descendents – “One More Day” (Cool to be You, Fat Wreck Chords, 2004)
Hard Ons – “Sunny” (Very Exciting, Bomp, 2003)
Briefs – “We Americans” (Off the Charts, Dirtnap, 2003)
Babyland – “Fast Space” (The Finger, Mattress, 2004)
Texas Thieves – “Today” (Killer on Craig’s List, Dr. Strange, 2004)
NFN – “Don’t Glamourize” (Ratas De Ciudad Comp, Southkore, 2004)
Lost Sounds – “Mechanical Feelings”, (Self-titled, In the Red, 2004)
Classical Ass – “Hydraulic Sandwich” (After Lunch We Kill Tony, Diaphragm, 2004)
The O.A.O.T's – “Can’t Let You” (Typical, Sounds Like Vinyl, 2005)
Adolescents – “California Son” (OC Confidential, Finger, 2005)
The Diffs – “Master Plan” (Self-titled, SOS, 2005)
Set to Explode – “Don’t Fuckin’ Care” (Self-titled, Grave Mistake, 2005)
Victims – “Insane” (…In Blood, Havoc, 2006)
The Guns – “I’m Not Right” (Attack, SFE, 2006)
Peligro Social – “No Religion” (No Religion, No Options, 2006)
Friendly Neighbors – “Teenage Guerillas” (Self-titled demo, 2006)
Steaming Wolf Penis – “Birth Certificate Blues” (Assholes and Handgrenades, www.jerkbeast.com, 2006 )
No Slogan – “Senseless Violence” (No Pasaran 7”, Wrench in the Gears, 2006)
Tropiezo – “Libertinaje Pecaminoso” (El Manual de la Perfecta Cabrona, Discos de Hoy, 2007)
Beat Beat Beat – “Sinking Slow” (Living In The Future, Dirtnap, 2006)
Rock ’n’ Roll Monkey and the Robots – “Chopgratewhipgrind” (Detroit Trauma, Drastic Plastic, 2005)
The Daily Void – “Surprise Surprise” (Self-titled, Deadbeat, 2007)
Kiss Kiss – “Thought You Spoke” (Self-titled, Eyeball, 2006)