Razorcake Podcast #110: With Daryl Gussin

Jun 04, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #110: With Daryl Gussin

It's about to become miserable in Los Angeles. The winter and spring months always foster life and creation. But once that thermometer hits those high degrees, it's very easy for it all to come crashing down. Bands break up, roommates move out, projects are forgotten about till late fall. It truly is a testing time for those involved. Tensions are at an all time high.

What's the solution?
We'll aside from cold beer or transforming those pants into shorts, it's always nice to close the shades, and drop the stylus onto a flawless long player. Luckily the first half of this year has generated some spot on records that are capable of transporting you to the iciest places of your mind.

Stay cool.


The Ergs!, "I Shot the Devil's Son" (Grave Mistake / Firestarter)
Libyans, "Paralyzed" (Self-released)
DSB, "Someday" (Alerta Antifascista / Halo of Flies)
Devour, "Living Scraps" (Headcount)
Dangers, "Cure for Cancer" (Vitriol / Penguin Suit)
Wide Angles, "DDR" (Let's Pretend / No Breaks)
Gypsy, “Synapses Misfire” (Dirt Cult / Dead Broke)
The Taxpayers, "The Lights" (Traffic Street)
Canadian Rifle, "Choke on Foam" (Residue)
Friendly Neighbors, "Teenage Guerillas" (Smokin' Barrel)
Burning Love, "Don’t Ever Change" (Deranged)
Lögnhalsmottagningen, "Nya Lögnhalsar" (Local Cross)
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin, "High School" (Kill Shaman)
Fat Beavers, "Hate & Apathy" (Fat Beavers & about 9 other labels)