Razorcake Podcast #11: With Rev. Nørb

May 23, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #11: With Rev. Nørb
To Razorcake audiences the honorable Rev. Nørb is someone who needs no introduction. And goddamn it, that’s the way it should be. When we found out he was going to be in town for a couple days we pleaded with him to extract some singles from his hallowed jukebox and record a podcast or two with us. The result was one powerful typhoon of pop and punk, that reached magnitudes no one could have predicted. Razorcake HQ has never been the same since.

TEENGENERATE "This is Rock & Roll"
DEVIL DOGS "Radiobeat"
ANGRY SAMOANS "I'd Rather Do The Dog With Dorothy Stratten"
KILLJOYS "Johnny Won't Get To Heaven"
ADAM & THE ANTS "Beat My Guest"
SPENT IDOLS "Throw It Away"
EPOXIES "Clones (We're All)"
VAPORS "Prisoners"
BUM "Your Disciple"
SKAFISH "Disgracing the Family Name"
CANDYGIRL "Candygirl"
MESSENGERS "That's The Way A Woman Is"
BUNKER HILL "The Girl Can't Dance"

I erred by calling the Killjoys the Users, disregard said verbal nonsensiness!