Razorcake Podcast #107: With Kurt Morris

May 14, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #107: With Kurt Morris

I mentioned in an earlier podcast that had Indiana bands as the theme that perhaps I should do a second volume, and here it is! And, yes, I know Avail is from Virginia, but they’re covering John Mellencamp and, frankly, I think it’s a better version. Besides, I didn’t think Mellencamp would fit with the rest of the stuff, although I hear he is a pretty cool guy.

-Kurt Morris
[email protected]

Chamberlain “Uniontown” (Fate’s Got a Driver, Doghouse)
The Rutabega “Waiting Room” (untitled EP, Patsy Presents)
Catharsis & The Humdrum “Hit Parade” (Self-titled, self-released)
Ativin “I Know One Hundred Things” (Pills vs. Planes EP, Polyvinyl)
Everything, Now! “Double Bath” (Police, Police!, Standard)
Saababanks “To Plunder” (Self-titled, Wooden Man)
The Impossible Shapes “Survival” (Horus, Secretly Canadian)
Avail “Pink Houses” (Dixie, Lookout!)
Burn It Down “Kill Their Idols” (Eat, Sleep, Mate, Defend, Escape Artist)
Killjoy Confetti “Bank of America” (Into the Light, Wooden Man)
In The Face Of War “Everlong” (Live Forever or Die Trying, Init)