Razorcake Podcast #106: With Matt Average

May 07, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #106: With Matt Average

For me, listening to Scandinavian hardcore punk is the sonic equivalent of finding $100 on the sidewalk. Brightens any day, and improves any mood you may be in. The music is, above all, inspired, charging forward, a ton of distortion, and low end like no one else. There's nothing like a blown out bass sound. If you think this is all thrash and noise, listen closer, and you'll discover some really catchy music buried under the aggression.

-Matt Average

1. Selfish [Finland] - Year Of The Dog
2. Kaaos [Finland] - Huone 127
3. Shitlickers [Sweden] - Warsystem
4. Mob 47 [Sweden] - Animal Liberation
5. Mob 47 [Sweden] - Dom Jjuger Igen
6. Lama [Finland] - Osmo ala Onnu
7. Wolfpack [Sweden] - Bloodstained Dreams
8. Svart Parad [Sweden] - Offer For Ett Mord
9. Sunday Morning Einsteins [Sweden] - Rakna Med Brak
10. Anti-Cimex [Sweden] - Victims Of A Bombraid
11. Aaritila [Finland] - Polten Ristin Kukkula
12. Riistetyt [Finland] - Takaa Nuolee
13. Appendix [Finland] - Noyrat Nuolee
14. Kuolleet KUKAT [Finland] - Vihollinen on Systeemi
15. Crude SS [Sweden] - Forced Values