Razorcake Podcast #103: With Ty Stranglehold

Apr 16, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #103: With Ty Stranglehold

Okay, so I wound up having a lot of bands from my home of Victoria BC in my last podcast, so we decided to make a separate one just for them. There are many great bands from Victoria, both past and present, and I really wasn't able to scratch the surface here. It really is amazing that so many great bands come out of a city that is cut off from the rest of mainland Canada and has a population of approximately 330,000 people. A small town with a lot of punk rock! Once again, stereotypical Canadian apologies to all the bands I missed in this one. Perhaps a more comprehensive look at Victoria is in order for a future podcast. In the meantime, grab a beer and a poutine. Let's go!

-Ty Stranglehold

AK-47, “January 29th
Bum, “At the Well”
Dayglo Abortions, “Germ Attack”
Gus, “Fuckin’ Nazi”
The Stupes, “Share It”
The Neos, “They’ll Destroy Themselves”
Nomeansno, “Tuck It Away”
Render Useless, “Hardline”
Infamous Scientists, “Canada Is Pissed”
The Pricks, “Yankee Beer”