Razorcake Podcast #102: With Ty Stranglehold

Apr 09, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #102: With Ty Stranglehold

Oh Canada, indeed! As this is my first podcast for Razorcake, I thought I'd go coast to coast in the nation that I'm stationed. East to west, these are some of my favourite (yes, there's supposed to be a “u” in that word!) Canuck punk bands. I realize that it leans a little heavy on the western part of the country, but I refuse to apologize for it... Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I'm going to apologize for it. I'm sorry about that! Also for the fact that I don't have many records from bands from the Maritime Provinces! And for anything else... I'M SORRY! Enjoy the tunes, eh?!

-Ty Stranglehold

1. The Chitz, “Model Citizen” (Halifax)
2. Ripcordz, “X” (Montreal)
3. The Nils, “In Betweens” (Montreal)
4. The Blundermen, “Don’t Wanna Hear” (Toronto)
5. Forgotten Rebels, “FMD” (Hamilton)
6. Problem Children, “Left for Dead” (Hamilton)
7. Teenage Head, “You’re Tearing Me Apart” (Hamilton)
8. Personality Crisis, “Wonder What They’re Thinking” (Winnipeg)
9. Stretch Marks, “Family Affair” (Winnipeg)
10. SNFU, “She’s Not on the Menu” (Edmonton)
11. The Mants, “The Mants! The Mants!” (Calgary)
12. Sheglank’d Shoulders, “Flatspot Hell” (Calgary)
13. Forbidden Dimension, “Haunted” (Calgary)
14. The Subhumans, “Death Was Too Kind” (Vancouver)
15. The Excessives, “Man, Do I Ever Hate You” (Vancouver)
16. McRackins, “Stranglehold” (Vancouver)
17. The Rebel Spell, “I See Fire” (Vancouver)
18. D.O.A., “Overtime” (Vancouver)
19. Slaveco., “Creep Tonight” (Vancouver)