Razorcake Podcast #100: With Todd and Daryl

Mar 26, 2010

Razorcake Podcast #100: With Todd and Daryl

100th Razorcake podcast! Woo! Woo! Woo!

This time around, Daryl and I become total fuckin’ hypocrites. Yay! We’re pretty damn-near allergic to self-promotion. And although we still refuse to publish any reviews of the records we put out to be printed in Razorcake, we did some rough math. We play between twelve and sixteen songs each podcast. Multiplying that by a hundred, we figured that out of those 1,200 to 1,600 songs that’ve been played, only three RZCR (Razorcake Records) tracks had been selected. Since Daryl and I do all the heavy lifting with RZCR, we figured, “Sheeeet. We really do like these songs and these bands. Some of the 7”s are out of print. We’re still real excited about them. Let’s play one song per band.” That’s the first seven songs, plus the dead-last Arrivals one.

To show that this podcast wasn’t all about self-love and being the podcast equivalent to a Victory Records Summer Sampler 2010 to be given out at the Warped Tour, and me going, “Oh, Daryl, you’re so, so great” and Daryl blushing, I asked him to bring in some favorites. “Pick a dynamite track from a bulletproof record,” I asked. A record and a song that’d left a lasting impact on him. Not a “best of”. Some songs and bands that, if they didn’t exist, Razorcake couldn’t exist in its current state. That’s the second full rock block. I took my own medicine and that’s the third rock block.

Not bad for a couple of dudes who still mutter at electronic equipment and find out that a good smack on the side of  the computer is often the “tech support” we were looking for.

-Todd Taylor

God Equals Genocide “Doesn’t Work For You” (Razorcake/Recess)
Grabass Charlestons “Gone Fishin’” (Razorcake)
Tiltwheel “Yet Another Obligatory Pertylike Tiltwheel Song Except This Time Its Like Magic Poetry” (Razorcake)
Toys That Kill “O²” (Razorcake)
Shang-A-Lang “Hitchhiking” (Razorcake)
Killer Dreamer “Army of Pigeons” (Razorcake/45 RPM)
The Ramones “Howlin’ at the Moon” (Sire)
The Bananas “Feel Better” (Recess)
The Replacements “Favorite Thing” (Twin Tone)
Rites Of Spring “Persistent Vision” (Dischord)
Dillinger Four “Superpowers Enable Me to Blend in with Machinery” (Hopeless, re-released by Suburban Home)
Marked Men “Fix My Brain” (Swami, re-released by Dirtnap)
Smogtown “I Am the Cancer” (Disaster)
Reigning Sound “Your Love Is a Fine Thing” (In The Red)
The Arrivals “Drill, Baby, Drill” (Razorcake)