Razorcake Podcast #10: With Matt Average

May 16, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #10: With Matt Average
Matt Average is a badass. He was a longtime contributor to Maximum Rock’n’roll, moved down to L.A. and helped with Flipside, and now with Razorcake. Until recently, he was the lead singer of Reagan SS. Currently, he is employed in the baby-trading business (who knew it was so lucrative?). Razorcake was able to catch Matt on his delivery route to drop off a child for a sacrifice at Natterfrost’s behest.

(Just fucking with you. Lily, Matt’s adorable little girl, was on her blankie behind her Dad when we recorded this podcast, so if you hear a child in the background, that’s her. We couldn’t just shut the door on her because “daddy was talking into an electronic can.” We’re trying to be responsible adults here.)

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