Razorcake Podcast #09: With Nick Toerner

May 09, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #09: With Nick Toerner
Hi! I wanted to focus my podcast on what is currently going on around the Midwest, so I mostly played newer  songs. I might not have hit on everything going on, or anything, but I hoped to provide a semi-broad grouping. Also, I’m from Ohio, so that’s why there’s more of that. Here is a list of what I played. Also, I think this podcast marks the first time I have ever said the word ‘convoy’ out loud in my life, so enjoy that.

-Nick Toerner

1. Banner Pilot “Empty Your Bottles” Resignation Day (Go-Kart)
2. Pretty Boy Thorson And The Falling Angels “I know I said I love you but I guess I don’t” 7” (The Party’s Over)

3. Dear Landlord “High Fives” Split 7” w/ Off With Their Heads (No Idea)
4. Copyrights “Sleepwalker” Learn the Hard Way (Red Scare)
5. The Brokedowns “Stop Snitchin” Split 7” w/ The Arrivals (1-2-3-4 Go!)

6. Be My Doppleganger “Pizza Party at Spinelli’s”… I dunno

7. Till Plains, “Full Gulp Pulls” We Neither EP (self-released)
8. Dopamines “Beer Telescope” Self-titled LP (It’s Alive)
9. Delay “71-N” …Don’t Laugh LP (Big Record Label)
10. Hot Iron “Collared Shirts”  demo

11. The Gibbons “There Was A Time” Hope, INC LP (Salinas)

12. Bear Proof Suit “People Die Everyday” Objects in the Mirror May Be Fucked Up EP (Repulsion)
13. Chinese Telephones “Keep Smiling” Self-titled LP (It’s Alive)

And representing the entirety of the U S of A
14. John Walsh “You’re the Best” demo