Razorcake Podcast #08: With Vince Battilana

May 02, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #08: With Vince Battilana
When Todd asked if I would like to do a podcast, I decided that I wanted to do one with only bands that have a girl as a member. This isn’t supposed to be definitive; it’s just a series of songs that I like with the common thread mentioned above. I hope that you enjoy it!


Naked Aggression “Plastic World” from Naked Regression (Broken Rekids)
This Is My Fist “I’m Not Even Trying” from A History of Rats (No Idea)
Skankin’ Pickle “Rotten Banana Legs” from Sing Along with (Asian Man)
(Lynette, R.I.P.)
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb “Body Count” from Front Seat Solidarity (No Idea/Plan-It-X)
The Bananas “A Slippery Subject” from A Slippery Subject (Plan-It-X/Recess)
Tiger Trap “For Sure” from Self-titled (K)
(Rose, Angela, Jen, Heather)
Velocity Girl “My Forgotten Favorite” from Self-titled (Slumberland)
Go Sailor “Together Forever in Love” from Self-titled (Lookout!)
(Rose, Amy)
Songs For Moms “My Skin Is a Graveyard” from The Worse Things Get the Better (Starcleaner)
(Molly, Carey, Alanna)
Lefty Loosie “God Is Laughing” from 100 Miles Per Hour (Fast Crowd/Repulsion)
(Addie, Megan, Katherine)
Tulsa “Math in the Aftermath” from Sour Digs (Starcleaner)
The Grumpies “Never Be Your Girl” from Who Ate Stinky? (Recess)
Redmond Shooting Stars “Just Like You” from Down in Front Compilation (No Idea)
Blatz “Lullabye” from The Shit Split (Life Is Abuse)
(Anna, Annie)

Though Rymodee is in TBIAPB, he is a he and not a she. The she in TBIAPB is Terry. Todd isn’t old enough to have gone to school in the ‘60s. He wasn’t even alive in the ‘60s.