Razorcake Podcast #07: With Sean Carswell

Apr 25, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #07: With Sean Carswell

Since Todd and I were collaborating to put together this podcast, I figured I’d get a little sentimental and go back to some of the earliest collaborations between Todd and me - the years when we were at the bottom of the Flipside totem pole. I dug through my boxes of seven inches, played all my favorite stuff that I’d reviewed for Flipside, cut out all the stuff that didn’t sound good to me anymore, and headed down to Razorcake HQ with a backpack full of old records. And that’s how we came to record this podcast that’s dedicated to stuff that I reviewed for Flipside. I hope you enjoy it.

-Sean Carswell


Apocalypse Hoboken “Ira Fledner’s Great American Ripoff”
Dick Army “Decimate”
Nobodys “Perfect”
Hammerbrain “Cheap”
The Frantics “Stuck w/ Being the One To Hate”
Dillinger Four “Fuck You, Ms. Rochelle”
The Chubbies “I Love My Label”
Bazookas “Der Autobahnfink”
The Mustangs “Switchblade Party”
The Hives “Bearded Lady”
Secret Lovers “Secret Lover”
Sweet JAP “Ikuze”
Teengenerate “Get Me Back”
Humpers “Mutate with Me”
Smogtown “Losin’ It”