Razorcake Podcast #03: With Todd Taylor

Mar 29, 2008

Razorcake Podcast #03: With Todd Taylor

Hey everyone, Todd here. I edit and publish Razorcake and, over the past thirteen years, I’ve amassed a bunch of records solely from doing reviews.

I’m fixing this series of my podcasts (I may do other series, too) to be a showcase of my favorite records to come my way over that time, with an emphasis on active bands and vinyl releases. But don’t be surprised if there are some oddballs thrown in for good measure.


Dan Padilla, “Mamie’s Free” (ADD)
Shorebirds, “People I Live With (Self-released)
Hex Dispensers, “Pile O’Meat” (Hook Or Crook)
Regulations, “New Ways” (Havoc)
Coathangers, “Tripod Machine” (Die Slaughterhaus)

Canadian Rifle, “In the Land of Flakes Nothing Sticks” (Squirrel Heart)
Mannequin Men, “Private School” (Criminal IQ)
Future Virgins, “Fire Ships” (1-2-3-4 Go!)
Killer Dreamer, “Land Mark” (Jonny Cat)
Statues, “Pin Point,” (Deranged)

Gordon Gano’s Army, “Drift Away,” (AARBR)
Young Offenders, “Follow” (Parts Unknown)
The Tim Version, “Mark’s Albatross” (No Idea)
The Brotherhood of Electricity, “The Hearse” (Super Secret)
Tranzmitors, “Dancing in the Front Row” (La-Ti-Da)

The Measure [SA], “Union Pool” (Idiot Box)

I think I say “Transistors” instead of “Tranzmitors”
No, we’re not giving away free 7”s to the first three emails.