Razorcake Podcast #02: With Diego

Razorcake Podcast #02

Earlier this week Diego came in and blessed us with killer selection of punk fuckin’ rock and off-the-cuff wit. Luckily now we have these fancy computers and microphones so we were able to record everything and serve it up to you in the form of Razorcake Podcast #02.


The Briefs “Soozy” (Dirtnap)
Chelsea “Trouble is the Day” (Get Back)
Shock Nagasaki “These Are Our Streets Now” (Rebellion)
Holly And The Italians “I Wanna Go Home” (Virgin/Epic)
Dead Boys “Won’t Look Back” (Cheetah Chrome)
The Sonics “Jenny Jenny” (Norton)
US Bombs “War Birth” (Hellcat)
The Cramps “How Far Will Too Far Go” (Vengeance)
God Equals Genocide “Lost Time” (Razorcake)
The Riffs “I’m Waiting For My Man” (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
Johnny Thunders “Eve of Destruction” (Get Back)S