Razorcake Podcast #01: With Daryl Gussin

Mar 14, 2008

Razorcake #01 Podcast MP3

Hey everyone,

Today Razorcake recorded our first – of hopefully many – podcasts, with the much needed help of our intern, Nick.

It was good fun and not too many things went terribly wrong.

You can download and/or listen to it by clicking the link below. For free, of course.

We are asking for some honest feedback. We’re testing the grounds and the equipment right now and we wanna get this podcast recordin’ thing as solid as possible.

It’s an honest exchange. You get some tunes and we get to answer emails.

What problems did you have?

Did it sound weird on your system?

Anything thing you can think of. You can contact us through website here

Apologies & Corrections:
The Bill Bondsmen song sounds a little slower than it usually does, I'm not sure what happened. The Onion Flavored Rings 7" was released by Thrillhouse Recs not Stresshouse. And Svartenbrandt made more than 2 copies of the CD, I was trying to say 200, but I'm not sure about the actual number.

Take care,


Underground Railroad To Candyland “Bitter” (Small Pool)

Bill Bondsman “ATS 909” (Schizophrenic)
Mohoram Atta “Pinjara” (Unholy Thrash)
Needles “Wish List” (Lengua Armada)
Ecoli “Warts On My Dick” (Stress Domain)
Hummingbird Of Death “Where’s the Fun?” (625)
Fy Fan “Aftrunnad” (Feral Ward)

Onion Flavored Rings “Before”/ “Part I” (Thrillhouse)
The Achievement “Trees” (Self-released)
Songs For Moms “Underground” (Starcleaner)
Hunchback “Song for Dave Berg” (Don Giovanni)
Pangea “The Cat Song” (Stress Domain)

Drinker’s Purgatory “Max Cat Gets Sober” (Small Pool)
Crossed Eyes “Rattled” (Sorry State)
Sex Advice “Dead French Men” (Repulsion)
Kakka-Hätä 77 “Hamaan Haimatulehoukseen Asti” (Deaf Forever)
The Krunchies “Aaron Cometbus You Ain’t” (Certified PR)

Svartenbrandt “Den Jobbiga Jäveln” (Self-released)