Razorcake Issue #35 from 2006 Featuring Bloodhag, Billy Childish, The Loved Ones, In The Red Records, The Feelers, Whiskey and Co., Randy Bachman

Jun 30, 2016

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öödhag: Interview by Todd. Holy shit—way huge and way awesome interview (and centerfold! For real!) with the Northwest’s premier edu-core band. Seriously, they play heavy metal songs about science fiction authors in hopes that you’ll read—and you can start right here. (http://www.bloodhag.com/)

Billy Childish: Interview by BD Williams. Billy Childish does a lot. Author, musician, alien see-er, he does it all. (http://www.theebillychildish.com/)

The Loved Ones: Interview by Joe Evans III. Loved Ones write catchy, heartfelt songs, but waste candy (we’re wondering if Megan or Maddy’s going to flip out first). (http://www.thelovedonesband.com/)

Larry Hardy: Ryan Leach and Todd Taylor interview the “In The Red Records” dude. Physical proof that even with things going so wrong, you can still make them sound so right. (http://www.intheredrecords.com/)

The Feelers: Interview by Ben Lybarger. Finishing up the garage rock hat trick this issue (well, kinda punk-y, and hardcore-y, but at least, garage-y enough for us to use the term “hat trick.” And, to be fair, we really didthink they were on weed for that record). (www.myspace.com/thefeelers)

Whiskey & Co.: Interview by Parker H. Hasting. Proving that even country bands like to drink if they’re on No Idea! Wait, did we even doubt that in the first place? (www.myspace.com/whiskeyco)

Liz O. tells us how she spent her summer vacation.

draws Chico Simio, about el dia de los muertes (hey, if The Simpsons can celebrate Halloween late, so can we)

Jim Ruland
reflects on all the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Gary Hornberger
talks about his favorite record stores, and reviews some comics.

Amy Adoyzie is keeping us updated on what it’s like to teach English in China.

Ben Snakepit draws the most disturbing thing we’ve ever seen.

Rev. Nørbhates the kids, loves P.J. Soles.

The Rhythm Chicken
goes on a telephone tour.

Designated Dale
talks about his love of Big Drill Car, which ups the number of bands we know he likes to four.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
has a less than sanitary roommate.

sits down with Randy Bachman (of Bachman Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who) and enjoys a nice bucket of KFM (no, not Kung Fu Monkeys).

Sean Carswell gives us the second half in a two part story of writer Jim Thompson.

And one review for every precious snowflake to fall this winter season. Well aren’t we fuckin’ poetic?

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