Razorcake Issue #34 from 2006, Featuring Swing Ding Amigos: Signal Lost, Japanther, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Last, Direct Control

Jun 23, 2016

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Swing Ding 
Amigos: Interview by Megan Pants. We’re not sure just what to call them, other than fast, frantic, and a whole lot of fun. Megan goes all Barbara Walters on us, with tons of serious questions covering topics ranging from border relations to vaginas. (http://rocknrollpurgatory.com/swingdingamigos/)

Signal Lost: Interview by Chris Peigler. They call themselves “dance music for old punks,” and they’ve got some slow, groovy jams. But the important part is that they play at pizza parlors. (http://www.myspace.com/signallost)

Japanther: Interview by BD Williams. Forget your evolution theories, Japanther truly believe that humans descended from whales. You can imagine how crazy the rest of the noise they make is. (http://japanther.com/)

Teenage Bottlerocket: Interview by Mr. Z. We’re not sure, but this could be the first time in Razorcake history where someone’s going this crazy over the Ramones that isn’t Dale. (http://www.teenagebottlerocket.com/)

The Last: Interview by Ryan Leach. The cool thing about interviews with old timers like Joe Nolte from early L.A. punk/power pop group The Last is that they can actually remember things from more than a few days ago; like cool Descendents trivia! (http://www.dannolte.com/last/)

Direct Control: Interview by Mike Frame. Hardcore, only not bad hardcore. In fact, good hardcore. (http://www.deadmetaphor.com/directcontrol/)

Brad Warner: Interview by Aphid Peewit. The author of Hardcore Zen. You may notice that Buddhism is coming up everywhere you look these days. Now look, we’re not going to say we’re ahead of the game or anything. Actually, that’s exactly what we’re saying. (http://homepage.mac.com/doubtboy/)

Liz O. really loves The Cure. Like really loves them.

Ben Snakepit comes up with another ten new bands you need to hear.

Jim Ruland goes to a wedding.

Gary Hornberger talks about television, and reviews some comics.

Amy Adoyzie is no longer with us. She’s in China.

Art debuts his new comic Chico Simio.

Rev. Nørbhas a mid life crisis.

The Rhythm Chicken tells us how he spent his summer vacation.

Designated Dale sets Hollywood straight.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa draws about romance, and there’s a fart involved.

Nardwuar shares a photo diary from his SXSW experience.

Maddy Tight Pants gives instructions on how to be a punk rock artist.

Sean Carswell gives us the first half in a two part story of writer Jim Thompson.

And reviews, reviews, reviews, reviews, reviews, and reviews. Yeah, a lot of reviews.

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