Razorcake Issue #33 from 2006, Featuring Gorilla Angreb, Greg Palast, The Mormons, Dan Sartain, Pink Razors, Bad Dudes, Chaos in Tejas, Tim Version and Dukes Of Hillsborough Tour Diary, Pamela Des Barres

Oct 19, 2015

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Gorilla Angreb: Interview by Todd. Dang it, we just made a joke about a band from Europe today sounding like a band from L.A. thirty years ago. People think it’s easy to come up with jokes about cool bands every month, but it’s really not. Then again, we won’t complain about this many cool bands. (www.myspace.com/gorillaangreb)

Greg Palast: Interview by Chris Pepus. Notable American reporter Greg Palast shares his views on numerous modern news topics today and takes nearly every modern politician down a peg in the process. (http://www.gregpalast.com/)

The Mormons: Interview by Amy Adoyzie and Gus Straub. Contrary to what the average person may think, we take things seriously here at Razorcake. Very seriously. That’s why we love a band who rocks out the right time, every time. (https://www.facebook.com/themormons)

Dan Sartain: Interview by Graham Russell. He’s all into blues, garage bands, rockabilly, and all of that stuff. He’s like the youngest badass old dude ever. (http://dansartain.com/)

Pink Razors: Interview by Ben Snakepit. Ben digs deep to find out that the Pink Razors actually began as a think tank group, inventing a better vegetable peeler, only to form a band after a long, drawn-out legal battle. Also; that might not have happened. (www.myspace.com/pinkrazors)

Bad Dudes: Interview by Kat Jetson. It’s hard to tell if these dudes sound more like Devo or an old video game. We would’ve tried asking them about it… if they’d shut up about MySpace for just a second. (http://www.baddudes.net/)

Chaos in Tejas/Rikkifest: Article by Ben Snakepit. See the world through the eyes of Ben as he spends three days seeing a ridiculous amount of great shows, parties, and somehow makes it to work, and live through it all. Or, for short, “a normal Thursday, Friday, and Saturday” for Ben. (http://www.chaosintejas.com/)

Tim Version and Dukes Of Hillsborough Tour Diary: Article by Russ Van Cleave. You’ve probably figured out by now that the Tim Version and Dukes of Hillsborough somehow survived their first European vacation. But now you can find out how they survived! (The Tim Version, Dukes Of Hillsborough)

Liz O. interviews Mad Happy.

Art depicts one messed-up petting zoo.

Jim Ruland is a tamale connoisseur.

Maddy Tight Pants is back, allowing candy talk to resume.

Amy Adoyzie is stoked to be an American.

Ben Snakepit will probably never do illustrations for D.A.R.E pamphlets.

Nardwuar talks to Pamela Des Barres, notable groupie, with no possible sex joke fitting to repeat here.

The Rhythm Chicken is back and has the details of his Europe trip.

Designated Dale talks about tacos, and made us all really damn hungry in the process.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa draws about his first time.

Gary Hornberger reviews comics.

Sean Carswell gets all bittersweet about DIY punk rock: evaporating oasis or eternal spring?

Plus so many reviews, we’re kinda wondering how this issue isn’t the size of a phone book.

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