Razorcake Issue #32 from 2006, Featuring The Bananas, Pine Hill Haints, The Dents, Porch Mob, Punk Historian George Hurchalla, Punk Photographer Dawn Wirth, and Juliette Lewis and the Licks

Aug 17, 2015

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The Bananas: Interview by Megan Pants. One of the best bands in the top five percent of the genre known as “awesome.” Sure, they may not remember their songs; it’s not like that makes them any less great.

The Dents: Interview by Brian Mosher. They rock, they play at bowling tournaments, and they do dead-on Christopher Walken impressions. Anything else we say besides that is just filler.

Porch Mob: Interview by Sean Koepenick. Huge fans of Bad Brains and RKL from Virginia, talking about how much they love Bad Brains and RKL. We hear they like other bands though, like RKL and Bad Brains.

George Hurchalla: Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. It looks like there’s a new history book in town. Remember all the times we said “Okay, so and so is totally the punkest person ever?” This time we mean it. We swear, really.

Dawn Wirth: Interview by Ryan Leach. A nice conversation with old school photographer and some of said photographs. Okay, THIS time we really mean it.

Pine Hill Haints: Interview by BD Williams. To be honest, the whole “practicing in cemeteries” and “ghosts” parts left us kind of scared. However, the whole “bringing dead music back to life” parts left us kind of stoked.

Liz O. talks Trash(can Sinatras).

Art diagrams the beliefs of reincarnation, with booze.

Jim Ruland travels back in time to the golden age of bare knuckle boxing.

Designated Dale is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore.

Amy Adoyzie is as proud as can be.

Ben Snakepit draws what could possibly be the most quintessential Razorcake comic of all time.

Rev. Nørb comes up with the greatest video game innovation since controllers.

The Rhythm Chicken is back and has the details of his Europe trip.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa draws about social commentary.

Nardwuar talks to Juliette Lewis and the Licks about sweating.

Sean Carswell is probably ready for summer vacation.

Would you believe us if we said there weren’t any reviews this issue? Eh, we didn’t think so.

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