Razorcake Issue #31 from 2006, Featuring Regulations: Dead Moon, Can Kickers, Hellbillys, Guilty Hearts, Punk Rock Bowling

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Regulations: Interview by Todd and Aphid Peewit. One of the best bands in Sweden these days. In fact, they’re so good, they’re also one of the best L.A. hardcore bands from the early ‘80s!

Can Kickers: Interview by BD Williams. Acoustic mountain folk-punk that makes you want to get up and dance. Some bands are content just playing shows; this band starts playing on the bus on the way there.

Dead Moon: Interview by Josh and Colin Sanders. Punk, garage, super DIY, it doesn’t really matter. All you really need to know is that they’re more old-school and badass than you.

Hellbillys: Interview by Jessica Thiringer. Dudes, you got your rockabilly in my metal. We hear they’re one of the loudest bands out there now (probably why we don’t hear all that well anymore).

Guilty Hearts: Interview by Ryan Leach and Gabriel Hart. Imagine a band of old blues singers, but really loud, fuzzed out, and pissed off.

Typical Girls: Story by Jennifer Whiteford. A tale of two girls, and their love of metal, and punk – just not both. No, really.

Punk Rock Bowling: Article by Denise Orton. We heard that this season, bowling is the new Fest.

Liz O. searches for love at the fair.

Art draws a nice mural.

Jim Ruland lives the movie RepoMan.

Nardwuar finds out you can’t talk to Alice Cooper about golf.

Amy Adoyzie examines the logistics of both importing and exporting.

Ben Snakepit converts the art of the six pack tour into comic form.

Rev. Nørb jumps the sharks, but not before talking about wrestling.

The Rhythm Chicken apparently hasn’t been sending in columns, so Francis Funyuns and Dr. Sicnarf are left to pick up the slack.

Designated Dale discusses Dave Chappelle, and college kids everywhere are reported to be stoked.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa draws about getting tattoos without knowing what they say.

Gary Hornberger talks politics, until he starts reviewing comics.

Sean Carswell celebrates a belated 5 year Razorcake anniversary with his top five interviews.

Even with all that, we STILL have a bunch of reviews!